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We are the millers

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David renegotiates with Gurdlinger for a fee of $500,000 on the condition that it arrives that night. When Kenny is finally released from the hospital, David rushes him to the RV in a wheelchair and accidentally tips him over. In the ensuing argument, David inadvertently reveals how much he is getting paid, in comparison to how little he offered to pay each of the others. Kenny is shocked by this, as he reveals he wasn’t getting paid at all. Casey, Sarah, and Kenny are left in disgust by the revelation, and so David leaves them behind at the carnival.

Shortly after leaving, David regrets abandoning them and returns to the carnival. Casey confides in Scotty about how she felt like she was actually part of a real family. Scotty tries to sexually harass Casey, but is thwarted by Sarah and Kenny. David then arrives at the carnival, begging them to come back with him and offering each a full share of the profits. On their way to the RV, they encounter Edith and Melissa. In the ensuing conversation between the Millers and the Fitzgeralds, Kenny blurts out that they are smuggling cannabis. One-Eye appears and is about to shoot everyone, but Don comes out of his motor home and knocks him out cold. Chacón then appears from around the corner, with Melissa held at gunpoint, and is about to kill them all; but is momentarily distracted by the 4th of July fireworks. David and Kenny then subdue him while he is distracted. Melissa and Kenny kiss, as do David and Sarah. Don arrests Chacón, but lets the Millers leave.